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    About Me


    Born in 1999 in İstanbul, Since 2017, Studying at Yıldız Technical University. Since 2010, interested in Computer Hardware & Software; Also, Developing Android Applications. And since 2015, Blogger & Forum Manager.

    Education 📚

    Academic Career

    High School: Final Schools

    Department of Math & Science
    I graduated from high school in 2017. I graduated as top student of the school.

    Yıldız Technical University

    Department of Math Science
    I started studying at Yıldız Technical University in 2017. I am currently a student in third year at Department of Math Science.

    Universitatea Politehnica Timișoara

    Department of Automation and Computing
    I am currently Erasmus+ student.

    Programming Languages 💻

    Programing languages that I know


    Since 2013
    When I start learning programming. I have started with C#. I also know object based programming on C# very well.


    Since 2018
    I know Java syntax and object based programming on java. At the same time, I still improve myself for Java.


    Since 2018
    Since Android has existed, I follow it. In 2018, I tried to learn how to create Android Applications and I have started learning Kotlin, I still improve myself for Kotlin.


    What I know?

    Microsoft Office

    Since 2012
    I always work on Excel, Word and PowerPoint. I know Microsoft Office very well.


    Since 2017
    I am interested in being blogger. In 2017, I decided to take my own domain (barisuslucan.com.tr) and improve myself for blog softwares. At the begining, I have started Joomla, but I realized that Wordpress better than Joomla and since 2017, I improve myself on Wordpress. I know how to create a Wordpress website, manage it and at the same time design it. Sometimes, I create blog articles on my personal blog, as well.

    Plesk Panel / Vesta Panel / CPanel

    Since 2018
    I know about Linux based applications. I also know how to establish webservers and manage them.